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The Revolutionary EnerJet 2.0 is now available at Dr. Tiago Guimaraes’ clinic

This revolutionary device is the only solution available today that can successfully handle the most difficult to treat skin issues such as severe acne scars, wrinkles, neck lines, keloid scars, white stretch marks and much more, with incredible results like no other device can! In addition, the EnerJet2.0 also offers non-surgical facelift, dermal thickening and a host of other applications quickly and easily with comfortable, safe treatments!

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Find out more about EnerJet treatments and get the results you want today!

The new era in aesthetic medical treatments is here, and we have it! Book your appointment for a consultation today and find out about all the amazing treatment options we have to offer.

In quick and comfortable sessions, you can finally take care of multiple skin issues such as stretch marks, acne scars, non-surgical facelift, wrinkles and much more!

How does it work? EnerJet 2.0 uses an innovative new technology called JVR, that allows us to introduce healing compounds into the skin without the pain or discomfort of needles. This solution gives you the flexibility of enjoying various treatments no matter your skin type, all areas of the body and any time throughout the year!

Do you want younger, tighter looking skin without painful surgery?

The EnerJet 2.0 offers a non-surgical alternative to one of today’s most sought after plastic surgeries – the facelift.

Our non-surgical facelift gives you immediate visible results together with long-lasting effects in a low-risk treatment with minimal downtime and discomfort. Reverse the effects of discoloration, laxity, dullness and sagging of the skin and regain firm, youthful looking skin with 15 minutes, walk-in/walk-out treatments.

Tried everything but still have scars of your face? EnerJet is the only solution available with amazing results!

There’s no secret ingredient or miracle gadget that makes acne scars totally disappear. Don’t get discouraged, though. The good news is that acne scars can be treated.

Most common acne scars are caused by collagen loss during the healing process. The EnerJet 2.0 is the ultimate solution for any scar tissue repair, including severe acne scars. We can do this by separating  the scar tissue from the underlying layer of skin while at the same time stimulating new collagen production to give your skin more elasticity. Best of all, unlike most other severe acne scar treatments, the EnerJet 2.0 offers a completely safe, comfortable and needle-free option to clear skin.

Reverse the effects of skin aging caused by sun exposure and enjoy smooth skin

Revitalize and regenerate your skin with a safe, non-invasive and easy solution to rejuvenate the tone and texture of your skin. With the EnerJet’s Dermal Thickening treatment options, reverse the effects of skin aging caused by sun exposure and enjoy smooth skin.

The treatments are safe, effective and are suitable for all skin types. The EnerJet Dermal Thickening treatment is ideal for treating facial wrinkles and fine lines, décolleté and neck lines.

Can’t get rid of your stretch marks? EnerJet is probably the only solution that can almost completely  treat white stretch marks!

For many women who have given birth, or people who have experienced rapid weight changes, stretch marks are an aesthetic nuisance and challenge. Stretch marks are caused by dermal tearing due to high levels of cortisone and stretched skin. Over time, stretch mark appearance can diminish; but the marks will never disappear completely. Although marks are common, it can be hard for a lot of us to embrace them if they’re particularly prominent or discolored—especially during warm weather when showing more skin is in.

The EnerJet 2.0 is the best solution available today for white stretch marks. Our treatments target the exact location of the stretch marks and evenly distributing a healing compound to the inner layers of the skin. The result: more natural color and texture that diminishes stretch mark appearance.

The Enerjet 2.0 offers the best solution for fine lines and wrinkles, especially effective for horizontal neck lines.

Most women notice wrinkling and loss of elasticity of the neck, and may even notice their neck has aged disproportionately to their face, because better skin-care and sun protection has been used on the face for a longer period of time. Because the skin on the neck is thinner than on other parts of the body, it’s especially vulnerable to showing signs of aging, and a variety of things can impact it.

The Enerjet 2.0 offers the best solution for fine lines and wrinkles, especially effective for horizontal neck lines. Get improved appearance in wrinkles in a safe, comfortable and easy treatment, and best of all – fabulous results – every time!

“We have been using different technology and techniques to deal with scars with lots of limitations. From Creams, different Drugs, Micro needling to Cryotherapy, Lasers and others. For any Surgeon, scars should be something to have always in their mind, trying to minimise or deal with post-Surgical or traumatic scars it’s been one of my main goals. ENERJET is the most effective treatment for reverting stretch marks and become my first line of treatment for deep acne scars, that would not improve with any other type of technology. In both cases, atrophic areas were regenerated.”


Dr. Tiago Guimaraes

Special Interests

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Advance Expert, Advance Miomodulation Practitioner, Advance Scar Management, Plastic Surgery, Dermatological Surgery, Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Laser Treatment, Skin Care.


Known by his Philosophy, Dr Tiago Guimaraes rules are very simple:

– “Less is More!” – If a cream does the job why go for a Big Surgery?

– “Natural Look!” – Needs to be Natural, needs to be an overall

improvement not an alienization of who you are.

– “No!” – Is a word that Mr T uses a lot… It’s imperative that patients do any intervention for the right reason, at the right time and for something that they really need. Some people call him the Fillers Wizard, the Scar Magician and others Dr Cellulite.

Mr Tiago is an aesthetic plastic surgeon specialising in non-surgical interventions with the goal of simplifying Classic Cosmetic Surgeries using a less invasive or even non-surgical treatment. Being trained in different fields of the Cosmetic Surgical World including Congenital Reconstructive Surgery, Hair Transplant, Toxins and Fillers, skin care, Plastic Surgery and Lasers. Mr T always continues to chase more training in different areas of the Medical Aesthetics and Beauty Industry, trying to have the widest holistic approach for his Patient’s needs. Being one of the Key Opinion Leaders on the United Kingdom and European Cosmetic Stage, he is in constant pursuit of new techniques and devices, that are proven to be safe and fit his high standards. He is always looking for ways to revolutionise the optimization of certain, otherwise impossible, results.

Having graduated from Porto University in 2006 with a Masters Degree in Medicine and Surgery, Mr Tiago gained Awards and International Fellowships in general surgery and plastic surgery (Egypt 2004) and congenital reconstruction (Japan 2005). Mr Tiago began his training in plastic surgery in Portugal in 2008 and has extensive experience in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. He was the youngest trainee in an International Congress Committee (International Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Congress, Porto 2009). He commenced surgical practice within the NHS in 2009 and has gained increasing surgical qualifications. His biggest commitment is to keep being one of the beacons of the Non- Surgical World of Plastic Surgery, partnering with some of the largest Training Academies and Aesthetics Research Institutions Worldwide.

Mr Tiago believes that providing ethical, professional and sensitive advice and care can enhance the beauty that already exists in any person. He places emphasis on natural looking results and enhancing existing beauty.

“Enhancing the beauty within you.” – Mr Tiago’s moto




Dr Tiago Guimaraes MD

Member of IMCAS

Member of EBA and BBA

Associate member ISHRS.

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