IMCAS Asia 2018 Bangkok

Join our range of events in this years’ IMCAS Asia Congress in Bangkok!

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Visit our booth 16B throughout the congress!

Meet our team and join our onsite lectures and courses.

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13.07.18 09:06-09:14  EnerJet2.0 – True tissue remodelling and the best solution for white stretch marks, severe acne scars and keloids! by PerfAction CEO, Shy Zyman

Join our lectures!

14.07.18 11:00-11:15  Scars – true tissue remodeling with JVR powered EnerJet2.0 by Dr. Wilai Thanasarnaksorn

Join our lectures!

13.07.18 17:15  Non-surgical facial lifting – My way of using injectables by Dr. Wilai Thanasarnaksorn

Join our lectures!

13.07.18 17:54  Scars management with injection by Dr. Wilai Thanasarnaksorn

Join our lectures!

15.07.18 08:50  Use of needle-free jet injection technology for treatment of keloid scars in adult population by Dr.Ofir Artzi

Schedule a meeting or a demo in our hospitality suite!

Our hospitality suite will be available for you throughout the congress to learn more and better understand EnerJet2.0 innovation and experience. A celebratory reception and clinical workshop with Dr. Ernesto Perez will take place on Friday 14.07.18 17-19pm.

We have so many new things to show you…

Join us at IMCAS Asia to learn more about the EnerJet2.0 power in treating white stretch marks, severe and deep acne scars, keloids and more!

The JVR Powered Enerjet 2.0™ raises the bar for non-surgical treatments including deep remodeling and long-lasting skin treatments together by simultaneously delivering Kinetic Energy and a Healing Compound to the layers of the skin offering clinically proven solutions to hard-to-treat such as ice pick and crater acne scars, keloid scars, white and red stretch marks, c-section scars and more. This is the only technology that provides an elegant yet powerful liquid subcision from inside out – without causing any significant epidermal damage.


Whats New? new clinics, new results, new sales and marketing tools, new videos, new options and features, new indications and much more…


We invite you to join us at this year’s IMCAS Asia events. visit our booth 16B, meet with our team and get to know the EnerJet2.0 and JVR true tissue remodelling by joining our lectures, courses and hospitality suite.

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