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The Revolutionary EnerJet 2.0 is now available at Rae Clinic

This revolutionary device is the only solution available today that can successfully handle the most difficult to treat skin issues such as severe acne scars, wrinkles, neck lines, keloid scars, white stretch marks and much more, with incredible results like no other device! In addition, the EnerJet2.0 also offers non-surgical facelift, dermal thickening and a host of other applications quickly and easily with comfortable, safe treatments!

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    Acne Scars     I    Stretch Marks

Find out more about EnerJet treatments and get the results you want today!

The new era in aesthetic medical treatments is here, and we have it! Book your appointment for a consultation today and find out about all the amazing treatment options we have to offer.

In quick and comfortable sessions, you can finally take care of multiple skin issues such as stretch marks, acne scars, non-surgical facelift, wrinkles and much more!

How does it work? EnerJet 2.0 uses an innovative new technology called JVR, that allows us to introduce healing compounds into the skin without the pain or discomfort of needles. This solution gives you the flexibility of enjoying various treatments no matter your skin type, all areas of the body and any time throughout the year!

Tried everything but still have scars on your face? EnerJet is the only solution available that can achieve amazing results!

There’s no secret ingredient or miracle gadget that makes acne scars totally disappear. Don’t get discouraged, though. The good news is that acne scars can be treated.

Most common acne scars are caused by collagen loss during the healing process. The EnerJet 2.0 is the ultimate solution for any scar tissue repair, including severe acne scars. We can do this by separating the scar tissue from the underlying layer of skin while at the same time stimulating new collagen production to give your skin more elasticity. Best of all, unlike most other severe acne scar treatments, the EnerJet 2.0 offers a completely safe, comfortable and needle-free option to clear skin.

Can’t get rid of your stretch marks? EnerJet is the solution that can almost completely treat white stretch marks!

For many women who have given birth, or people who have experienced rapid weight changes, stretch marks are an aesthetic nuisance and challenge. Stretch marks are caused by dermal tearing due to high levels of cortisone and stretched skin. Over time, stretch mark appearance can diminish; but the marks will never disappear completely. Although marks are common, it can be hard for a lot of us to embrace them if they’re particularly prominent or discolored—especially during warm weather when showing more skin is in.

The EnerJet 2.0 is the best solution available today for white stretch marks. Our treatments target the exact location of the stretch marks and evenly distribute a healing compound to the inner layers of the skin. The result: more natural color and texture that diminishes stretch mark appearance.

About Rae Clinic

Rae Clinic sets out to revolutionize the way that regenerative techniques are utilized in aesthetic clinical practice. Instead of offering only a quick fix, Rae Clinic combines the very best fast acting aesthetic procedures in the market with additional long lasting exponential regenerative techniques.

The benefits of regenerative procedures, in combination with commonplace aesthetic procedures, provides a more natural look that helps to enhance your body’s native regenerative processes. Taking cells from the body and regenerating them helps to build on natural growth factors present in the body and reintroduce them to the body, producing natural effects unmatched by standard aesthetic procedures alone.

Sourcing your own growth factors from blood, adipose tissue, skin or hair, Rae Clinic seeks to build on the body’s natural ability to regenerate and rebuild in the most ethical and evidence based way.

Discover our treatment procedures for improving cellular health and long-lasting natural beauty. From the body, to the body.

About Our Clinical Director

Dr. Ali Ghanem

As a multi-award-winning aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Ghanem is one of the leading experts in regenerative medicine and stem cell treatment, and founder of the Academy of the Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine.

Serving as both a Clinical Senior Lecturer in Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and Course Lead of the Master Programmes in Aesthetic Medicine and Reconstructive Microsurgery at the London School of Medicine & Dentistry (Queen Mary University of London), Dr. Ghanem has made significant strides in academic and medicinal practice.

His worldwide reputation, expertise and work has been recognised with many prestigious awards, recently being honoured with the prestigious International Fellowship of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and recognised for significant contribution to aesthetic plastic surgery education by the national Associations of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Korea, Belgium, Brazil, Lebanon, Syria and Chile.

Dr. Ghanem also holds The Arnold Huddard Medal of the Craniofacial Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Education Excellence Innovation Award from London Deanery and Visiting Professorships at Barcelona University, Spain; Cardarelli Biotechnology Centre in Naples, Italy and The College of Medicine and Dentistry, Birmingham UK.

Dr. Ghanem was awarded his Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Developmental and Stem Cell Biology from University College London, working on molecular regulation of embryonic stem cell differentiation.

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