Dr. Adrián Ríos

General Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine, Bogota, Colombia.
“In the last years, we had so many new skin tightening techniques that created heat inside the dermis and hypodermis layers. in all those treatments, results do not progress or maintain over time. I believe this is why none of my patients have asked me for these kind of treatments; Laser works well but it is targeting the dermoepidermic junction and only reaches up to mid-dermis area. EnerJet is a new way of stimulating the skin without destroying it to provoke a regeneration. EnerJet can reach to the deepest layers of the skin, enabling their nourishment, thus creating a tighter smoother and healthier skin.”

Dr. Tapan Patel, MBBS, MRCP
Medical Director, PHI Clinic, London, UK
“EnerJet is an amazing, new innovative treatment that we offer at PHI Clinic. It is a treatment that we recommend for typically hard to treat skin indications. By introducing a jet of Hyaluronic Acid, it repairs scars, lifts facial tissue and can remodel the skin to give it a refreshed, more youthful look. EnerJet is not only a safe and non-invasive therapy, but the results achieved are long-term and lasting.”

Dr. Daniel Cassuto
Plastic Surgeon, Milano, Italy
“I have been using the technology for a few years now. It is the most effective treatment for stretch marks. It is also the first line of treatment for deep acne scars, that would not improve with any other type of technology. In both cases, atrophic areas were regenerated.”

Dr. Sabine Zenker
Dermatologist, Munich, Germany
“EnerJet is the next step in effective skin remodeling for scientifically proven collagen neo-genesis. Its clinical effectiveness and safety make this pneumatically-powered intradermal hyaluronic acid delivery one of the best options for the treatment of aged, wrinkled skin. Furthermore the EnerJet fills the therapeutically gap for the most challenging skin diseases, such as acne scars and stretch marks, where many existing treatment options fail. Thanks to the minimal downtime, as well as the lack of pain and multiple indications regardless of sun exposure, EnerJet is a treatment option highly appreciated by both patients and doctors.”

Dr. Alex Levenberg
Plastic Surgeon, Tel Aviv, Israel
“The EnerJet ‘walk-in and walk-out’ facelift, or as I call it the ‘knifeless facelift,’ is suitable for patients who seek immediate improvement without any downtime. They can come to my office for the treatment, even on their break, and return to work with and see the improvement immediately.”

Dr. Marina Landau
Dermatologist, Tel Aviv, Israel
“EnerJet’s unique technology combines the dermal filler effect and wound healing process enabling both short and long-term skin regeneration for a variety of treatments — ranging from hands to décolleté and kinetic facelift. The scientifically proven results show increased elasticity and collagen regeneration for natural, long-lasting effect.”

Dr. Marion Moers-Carpi
Dermatologist, Munich, Germany
“Since I began doing tissue remodeling treatments with EnerJet in 2008, I have seen convincing results applications which are difficult, or impossible, with needle injections or other existing tissue remodeling devices. Some of my favorites are tissue remodeling procedures of the hands and the décolleté. My patients are very happy with their immediate rejuvenating appearance, long-lasting results and the less painful treatment.”

Dr. Daniel Lanzer
Cosmetic Surgeon, Sydney, Australia
“When one thinks of dermal fillers it brings to mind injection and then rejuvenation of a few areas by elevation. EnerJet is a unique method that rejuvenates the skin surface and without any needles. The filler is literally blown through the skin layers in a fractionated method. The result is both an immediate thickening and firming of the skin plus an ongoing fractionated therapy result due to collagen stimulation. Now skin rejuvenation and thickening can be performed safely on the face, neck , chest and the backs of the hands. There is very little down time and prolonged results.”

Dr. Ofir Arzi, M.D.
Head of the Center for Aesthetic Dermatology, Sourasky Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel
“EnerJet treatments provide very good solutions to many indications that I treat on a daily basis, such as acne scars, lifting and regeneration. Not only is the treatment easy to perform, fast and elegant, it is also relatively painless. This treatment is much less painful than needle alternatives and can be performed in very sensitive areas such as palms and feet. It also achieves better regeneration results than a needle injection.”

Dr. Wilai Thanasarnaksorn, M.D.,
Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital Director, Laser and Dermatology Surgery Unit, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Doctor at Younger Clinic, Bangkok Thailand
“I have been using EnerJet with impressive results for over 18 months now to treat acne scars, burn scars and facial lifting without causing any dry skin and less than one week of downtime. EnerJet is also effective in treating hypertrophic scars with hyaluronic acid in cases where patients are allergic to triamcinolone With EnerJet, the pneumatic pressure spreads the HA wider, so less HA needs to be used. This mechanism of action can also generate wider areas of micro-trauma to the dermis and subdermis, which in turn will create new collagen and elastin in those areas.”

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