EnerJet neck line treatments are a safe and effective technology for the treatment of neck wrinkles, and is the most effective and safe treatment for horizontal neck lines. Our results demonstrate that subdermal minimal surgery can achieve markedly decreased neck wrinkling without significant adverse effects. According to physician and self-assessment Most of the subjects showed improved wrinkled appearance

Enerjet technology provides a safe and effective methods of skin remodeling for the treatment of indications otherwise difficult to deal with. All reports cases so far showed a long lasting improvement of the appearance of wrinkles or vein prominence. No treatment technique previously available offered low downtime improvement in skin appearance on large skin areas with immediate, short term, and long term results

EnerJet Technology

EnerJetTM proprietary technology simultaneously delivers kinetic energy and a healing compound with minimal epidermal damage, enabling a controlled deep injury profile effect for dermal remodeling. The combined effect of a controlled micro-trauma and suitable healing compounds for each indication induces collagen generation, creating thicker tissue and correcting skin imperfections for long-lasting aesthetic improvement.

A powerful jet injection blasts compounds into the deeper layers of the skin, inducing a deep volumetric micro-trauma effect with an optimal spread of the material. The jet stream disperses the skin enhancing agent laterally, covering 100 times the area of one 32G needle’s entry point while leaving minimal signs on the outer layer of the skin.

The synergy between two effects sets in motion a cascade healing processes, resulting in a natural healing and hydrating process that generates production of new collagen, ultimately generating skin thickening and tightening.

EnerJet technology accelerates a jet of healing compound molecules that penetrates the epidermis through a tiny entry point, spreading laterally in all directions at the level of the dermis. Clinical results demonstrate significantly decreased wrinkling in the neck, without adverse effects. All patients experienced noticeable improvement.

“EnerJet is a unique method that rejuvenates the skin surface and without any needles. The filler is literally blown through the skin layers in a fractionated method. The result is both an immediate thickening and firming of the skin plus an ongoing fractionated therapy result due to collagen stimulation. Now skin rejuvenation and thickening can be performed safely on the face, neck , chest and the backs of the hands. There is very little down time and prolonged results.”  Dr. Daniel Lanzer, Cosmetic Surgeon. 

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Subdermal Minimal Surgery with Hyaluronic Acid as an Effective Treatment for Neck Wrinkles

“Subdermal minimal surgery as a safe and effective technology for the treatment of neck wrinkles. Our results demonstrate that subdermal minimal surgery can achieve markedly decreased neck wrinkling without significant adverse effects… the effect of subdermal minimal surgery on wrinkles is probably similar to that on acne scarring. Specifically, HA particles have the ability to augment any tissue, and HA-based fillers are now the most commonly used dermal fillers.”  Tae Y H, Jin W L, June H K L, Sook-Ja S, Beom J K, Seog K M, Myeung N K, and Chang K L; American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Inc. 37:9:Sep 2011.

But this is not all EnerJet can do…

This new, clinically proven non-thermal modality for aesthetic medicine enables a fast, safe and effective treatment for kinetic non-surgical facelift, dermal thickening and wrinkle reduction for the face, neck and décolleté, acne scars, keloid and hypertrophic scars, c-section scars, stretch marks and more.

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